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Peggy McConnell - ELS

Peggy McConnell has an eclectic background. She empowers and motivates people and management teams in innovative ways and helps build effective teams. She inspires organic growth within the workplace. She starts new ways of thinking that improve personal and professional lifestyles. Peggy’s Effective Living Strategies bring out the humor as well as inspire and empower new awakenings in individuals and management teams. She teaches you the essential skills you need to manage and motivate your leadership team, your employees and yourself in a way that is practical and relevant, providing you with the tools you’ll need now and in the future.

Peggy uses Easter and Wester techniques that help realign the body-mind focus and psychology, she clears subconscious patterns and bring them to conscious awareness to improve decision-making and life quality. She uses gentle acupressure to reduce physical pain and clear negative reactions and limited beliefs. This clears traumas, improves the attitude, and leads to a healthier lifestyle.

Peggy offers classes on stress reduction. As a business consultant, she works with team building, cohesive leadership, and effective strategies to realize goals. She works with trouble-shooting, listening skills and coordinating diverse management styles. She speaks publicly on health and wellness topics and can design a seminar or worksop tailored to your interests and needs.

Effective Living Strategies, International

Peggy McConnell assists to corporate Human Resource departments and individual employees in right placement within the company…

Consulting to define your particular corporate needs;
Promoting workplace harmony by refining core competencies, skills and abilities;
Raising self-confidence levels in your team;
Improving cooperation to increase effective teamwork;
Offering personalized sessions that address individual issues;
Increasing understanding of self motivation; and
Exploring the psychology of success.

“Learn to integrate your professional life with your personal life to achieve balance and harmony.” – Peggy McConnell


To cultivate a Oneness of spirit that seeks harmony with all peoples; promotes economic circulation and peace in the world; manifests harmony in our country; and creates financial abundance, prosperity, and a sense of well being for our families personally and professionally.

Business Objective

To empower individuals and organizations to act consciously with truth, integrity, transparency and prosperity.


  • Effective living strategies for growth and development;
  • Release of pain and trauma to improve health and well being;
  • Removal of sabotaging attitudes and negative behaviors or reactions to increase focus and efficiency, communication, decision making, team building and leadership; and,
  • Integration of body, mind and spirit to foster fulfillment, community service through positive solutions and humanitarian endeavors.

Strategies for Improving Personal And Professional Performance

  • Build powerful relationships;
  • Network with strategic partners;
  • Improve diet, health and sense of well being
  • Reduce stress, pain, and sabotaging behaviors and patterns;
  • Achieve positive actions, attitudes, activities, and results that create fulfillment and inner connectivity with like minded human beings;
  • Refine growth and development within individuals, to inspire individuals, refine their growth and development, and core competencies;
  • Align individual core competencies, talents, and skills with their organization to achieve goals and manifest positive life experiences with personal responsibility, profitability and professional transparency;
  • Teach and inspire, activate, expand, and achieve new levels of multidimensional awareness.;
  • Heal or release limitations that create negativity to create positive learning curves that help humanity attain the next level of awareness for outcomes for both individuals and the greater god for all beings living on this planet; and,
  • Improve individuals’ prosperity, positive economic circulation, financial independence, while crating a positive interface with global economic solutions leading to a better life for all concerned in the business and community.

Leadership, Productivity and Team Building

  • Cohesive Leadership with Integrity
  • Conflict Resolution and Harmonizing Management Styles
  • Emerging Leaders and Leadership Qualities
  • Creating Win-Win Agreements and Performance
  • Emerging Economics

Personal and Professional Mastery

  • Being in the Now Moment for More Efficiency
  • Passion, Productivity and Purpose
  • Change Management: Transforming the Caterpillar into a Butterfly
  • Celebrating Our Differences: Diversity in Unity and Team Building
  • Drive, Motive and Direction
  • Transforming Your Situation; Communication, Understanding and
  • Commitment
  • Ethics, Integrity, and Win-Win Strategies
  • Economic Paradigm Shift
  • Positive Responses to Negative Reactions
  • Empowering and Enhancing Performance
  • Trust, Consistency and Transparency
  • Recognizing Your Mastery
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