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Peggy McConnell - Medical Intuitive

I began like anyone, assessing my strengths, talents & abilities. I wanted to understand my family and the ways humanity creates subconscious patterns to survive. I could sense these subconscious patterns, bring them to conscious awareness & help people make new decision to reframe & redesign their lives to be more effective, creating more positive responses & greater fulfillment. This led me to study various paths of knowledge such as religion, psychology, applied physiology & neurology. These lead me to study acupuncture systems as they relate to eastern & western medicine techniques in Arizona. I also studied Color therapy in England, Vibrational energy in California & Australia. I use Light therapies to bring systems into balance. I learned how to apply Sound therapies in Texas & California. I took Health Facilitation course to work with Drs in California & England.. This lead me to working with kids ,sports, hyperactivity, bipolar, autistic & gifted & challenged children& adults. I also taught Touch for Health to teach people about muscle testing, which are used to balance muscle, organ & energy systems.

I love teaching meditation involving the heart path and mental path of knowledge within the path of synthesis. I use integration techniques to facilitate mental awareness, to expand conscious awareness to move through past restrictions and clear limitations that sabotage your life. The heart path works with exploring negative reactions & transforming them into positive responses. Eventually we connect to our soul or our higher divine essence. We begin to work with the soul & higher layers of spiritual essence, becoming a conscious soul infused persona. We connect our spiritual destiny to this personal instrument, train our persona to be a trusted servant of the soul & to be in service to our family, community, country & world. These results lead to a healthier, more effective life being fulfilled & contributing back to society.

This moved me into life & business coaching, troubleshooting for employee management with HR departments, integrating management styles with mergers. I assist with refining core competencies and communication skills as it applies to team building and emerging Leadership. I speak & work with International Conferences; I bring conscious awareness, emotional stability, mental clarity and act as a bridge to bring those I work with into a greater intuitive understanding of themselves & the situation.

As a Medical Intuitive, I connect with your soul or spiritual essence; I act as a bridge to expand your awareness, teach you about your body as well as your mind, emotions & spirit. When you have a specific physical condition; I tune in, scan your body, and analyze to see how your skeletal structure, muscles, organs and immune system interact. I also check to see how the neurological & subtle bodies interact. Then we work together to explore what areas are damaged or disconnected. I begin teaching you how to take better care of yourself. This can be done through diet, nutrition, acupressure points, healing emotional reaction & mental limitations. I then facilitate stress & trauma relief in the subtle bodies. We work together to teach you about you & how to achieve a better balance and a more effective, healthier life. If you are on medication, I work with your doctors to find the best combination with the fewest side effects.

Health facilitator Peggy helps individuals with TMJ realignment, pain and stress relief. Peggy uses gentle acupressure to realign muscles so the jaw can move properly, as a result of traumatic car accidents, whiplash, jaw popping or nightly clicking and teeth grinding. These techniques release trauma to quickly realign the bite from tightened braces and clear trauma from oral surgery or long surgeries such as heart transplants. A sense of wholeness, focus, and well-being is achieved through her background in psychology, applied physiology, neurology, and Chinese medicine. She combines Eastern and Western
techniques in working with physicians and dentists to relieve their patients’ trauma and to reduce pain with gentle acupressure. As a medical intuitive, Peggy also helps physicians make optimum combinations of medications
for best recovery.

Gentle acupressure targeting specific points within facial and upper body muscles relieves migraine, headache, TMJ pain, and releases lockjaw. Migraines are also relieved through psychological, emotional release techniques. Peggy is able to bring up subconscious issues which assists in realigning neurological impulses from brain to body. Creating greater harmony between mind and body, mental and emotional beliefs can come into harmony. Then migraines are dramatically reduced or stopped altogether. Issues must be examined, new decisions made, and new actions taken. Astoundingly quick results may transform an experience of incessant pain.

Peggy’s Treatments

  • Shift the bite for easier chewing when having a TMJ problem or braces tightened.
  • Reduce discomfort while teeth are realigning.
  • Reorganize the jaw to move gently and easily.
  • Clear headaches, including migraines, and whiplash from car accidents or falls.
  • Relieve head and neck pain.
  • Refocus vision.
  • Minimize or stop ringing in the ears.
  • Remove trauma from surgery and accidents.
  • Clear emotional fears related to trauma.
  • Realign muscles from sports injury.
  • Increase efficiency of combined medications.
  • Promote healing and general well-being.

Treatment Benefits

  • Assist orthodontists in gently realigning the teeth, TMJ, and the bite that have been misaligned during surgery, accidents, or falls.
  • Clear trauma from surgeries or car accidents.
  • Experience natural TMJ realignment for improved chewing and digestion.
  • Improve medicine combinations for greater efficiency and fewer side effects.
  • Reduce allergic reactions.
  • Receive personalized treatments that reduce pain, discomfort, and return normal chewing.
  • Promote faster healing.
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